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Coffee For Your Business

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Coffee choices for your business:

Which Coffee to Choose? 

Which Coffee to Choose

Although these coffee beans can taste different to different people here are some common characteristics associated with these coffee types. 


Peruvian: "gentle, aromatic, and flavorful with a mild acidity"

Guatemalan: full body, rich flavors, and floral or citrus aroma with a bright acidity

Kona Blend: (Blend made of authentic Kona coffee and Peruvian, 33% Kona 67% Peruvian) A good "Kona coffee is clean and well-balanced with a medium body and cheerful, bright acidity yet classically balanced and often exhibiting spicy and also buttery qualities with subtle winey tones, intensely aromatic, and with a great aftertaste/finish."

Colombian: Classic coffee taste"medium-bodied with a rich taste and citrus-like acidity"

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